Peachy Sweet Love

Nature is a luxury and we are beyond blessed to have rolling hills in abundance in Northern California. With 11 days of notice the Earth and Events team brought this magical surprise proposal to life. Andrew reached out to our team and asked if there was any way for us to transform his hillside property into something magical. His fiance, Jenny, comes from a Korean background so it was important for us to include a traditional Korean gong into the event design.
With that being said we opted for a grounded floor arch to dress up the soiled grass. @FlowerandForge included blooms that were white, beige, safe, and yellow to highlight the romance of the occasion. The property also included a guest house, so we had @Salt_and_Fire hidden away in the kitchen creating an artisan breakfast complete with Belgium waffles and garden charcuterie. While all of the details were being perfected from behind the scenes, Andrew told Jenny that they should start their morning off with a morning walk. Unsuspecting of everything beginning to take place the couple found the gong nestled away in the woods of their property. Shocked, surprised, and filled with butterflies Andrew dropped to his knee and asked Jenny to marry him. With immediate joy Jenny gushed, “YES!” After their new reality began to settle in, Andrew encouraged Jenny to hit the traditional gong to rejoice the merry occasion. Little to Jenny’s knowledge the moment that she rang the gong, that would be her friend’s que to come running out of the guest house just at the bottom of the hill.

With drums and other musical instruments in hand, family and friends who flew in from all over the world came out of the house to surprise Jenny on her engagement. Shocked and with eyes filled with tears Jenny was surrounded by friends who ran around her and Andrew in a circle playing the instruments.

Just when Jenny thought that all the surprises could be done, Andrew surprised her with one more. A Parisian-countryside picnic brunch. The chef brought up entrees up the hill one by one and the group feasted and drank natural wines. This proposal was seriously a dreaaaaam.

June 4, 2024

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