Sonoma Pre-Wedding Coffee

At Earth and Events, we cherish every love story and strive to weave unique and personal touches into every wedding we plan. Raya and Derek’s wedding was a perfect example of breaking tradition in the most stylish and meaningful way. After nine years together, this coffee-loving couple wanted their special day to reflect their journey and shared passions.

Raya and Derek’s love for coffee is a significant part of their relationship. So, it was only fitting that they started their wedding day with a cup of coffee together. This intimate moment before the whirlwind of the wedding day was a beautiful way for them to connect and calm their nerves. Sharing a cup of their favorite brew allowed them to focus on what truly mattered – their love and commitment to each other.

Even with their morning coffee date, Raya and Derek still wanted to experience the magic of a first look. Later in the day, in a secluded garden, Derek waited with anticipation. When Raya appeared, stunning in her sleek, modern gown, it was a moment filled with emotion and excitement. This balance of tradition and personal touches made their wedding day truly unique.

Raya and Derek envisioned a modern, sleek, and stylish wedding at MacArthur Place in Sonoma. For the photos of that head here.

So is it breaking traditions? Or making them?

If you’re looking for a wedding that reflects your unique love story, let’s start planning together. Contact us today to make your dream wedding a reality.

Photo: Chelsea Gee Photography
Floral: Amour de Gitane
Venue: Mac Arthur Place
Video: Hensen Wedding Videography
Rentals: Theoni Collection
Planning: Earth and Events
Beauty: Kay Sonoma County Bridal Hairstylist

May 2, 2024

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